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Reusable parchment! Gadget review #2

Baking happiness!

I have been using reusable parchment for 2 years now.

Super ParchmentThe first type I used was called Super Parchment (available at Amazon).  I found mine at a local kitchen supply store.  In the past I had tried some of those silicon mats that were supposed to be reusable (such as SilPat) and I HATED them.  I could not clean them for love nor money – I ended up throwing them away after just a handful of uses.  HATED THEM with a passion.

In 45 years of baking and cooking, I have never been able to develop the magical nose-twitch, holding-the-mouth-just-right-while-praying-to-the-god-of-pizza, special flip of the wrist to get a loaded pizza to slide off the paddle and into the oven. (And btw, I am convinced the God-of-Pizza – or at least the God-of-Getting-the-Pizza-off-the-Paddle – must be Loki or Coyote or one of those other trickster gods)

I do not care how many times people say it, corn meal does NOT act like little ball bearings.  The pizza sticks to the paddle anyway!

So when I came across this Super Parchment while browsing the kitchen store, I was more than ready to give it a try. From the first time I used it I was hooked.  There has been more pizza and bread baked in this household in the past 2 years than in all the preceding 43 years!  Not only did it totally solve our pizza woes, it has also been useful for baking cookies, cakes, and breads.

I have since added some reusable parchment under the name “Pan Pal liners” sold by The Webstaurant Store.  This stuff is much heavier duty than my original Super Parchment, 6 ml compared to 4 ml.  My supposition is that it will last longer, but the Super Parchment is 2 years old now and while it’s definitely showing its age, it is still every bit as useful as it was day 1 out of the package.

However, the Pan Pal comes in a larger size which I have cut to fit my baking stone.  I have also cut out liners for my cake pans, and I have liners for my cookie sheets.  They all work like a charm.

For cookies, I wipe the liner off with a dry towel between batches.  It makes baking batches of cookies go a LOT faster.

I store the liners for the cake pans in the pans.

The liners for the baking stone and cookie sheets may be rolled up and stored in a paper towel tube, a piece of PVC, or one of those mailing tubes for maps and posters. I have a spring-loaded curtain rod mounted over the sink between my kitchen cabinets where I hang a dishtowel and dishcloth; I hang the pan liners over this rod to dry after cleaning.

They do get, well, USED looking, as time passes – but I wouldn’t trade my reusable parchment for love nor money!  I have to say, of all the gadgets in my kitchen, the Super Parchment is the one that has made the most difference to what I am able to bake, LOL!

The heavier duty Pan Pal liners are easier to handle when cutting cake pan liners and my expectation is that they will last longer than the lighter weight Super Parchment, but both perform admirably in the oven.


  • cut to size (silicon mats cannot be cut to size)
  • wipe clean with a damp sponge
  • safe for oven use up to 500F
  • use for cookies, pizza, breads, cakes
  • roll or hang (unfolded) to store


  • fold, spindle or mutilate
  • try to cut something on the liner with a knife
  • use with meats or greasy foods
  • Immerse in water – spraying off is ok, but don’t soak.  The fibers will soak the water up through the edges and accelerate the deterioration of the liner (plus it looks ugly)
  • Allow to overhang the edges of the baking pan

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