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Baking and Baking Science Redux

The original webpages were written in straight HTML, much of which has been, or is soon to be, deprecated by newer web programming practices.  That means that eventually these pages will not display on newer browsers, even though the original pages are still out there on the WayBack Machine.

Therefore I am rewriting the original CODING only of the pages (not content) so that I can maintain them in up-to-date formats that will allow them to be carried into the future – if not forever, at least for a bit further.

Plus, Willie J. was a baker, not a web designer.  Hopefully these reformatted pages will be a little easier to read, given the technology has come so far since they were originally written more than 10 years ago.

Now for the unveiling of:

The New Baking and Baking Science Web Pages



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  1. I had NO idea that you had a blog! I happened across it, while looking up entries on the BC, pertaining to anise. I used to read/work with the Willie PreJean information…what an incredible wealth of information! When I again had access to a PC, it was one of the first sites I looked up…its now under ‘Frank’s Recipes’?? Appears to be ‘all there’, but I don’t know the first thing about formats/coding. Thanks for helping to ‘keep’ the knowledge going.

    And man! I could LIVE, totally, on Indian food, but no one else enjoys it, but me! I’d taken some cooking classes, several years ago, with a lovely woman from Hyderabad, and just loved it.

    I am also a harp lover, don’t play, wanted to learn, but, life!

    Thanks for listening!

    Laura from the BC


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