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It’s all about my musings on cooking and food, and a little bit about other, miscellaneous stuff.  I post at odd intervals, but this blog is not dead yet!

My current focus is on scaling cake recipes down so I can bake small, 6″ cakes just for the two of us.  This is next to impossible to do reliably when you’re using volume measures, so in order to accomplish the ultimate goal, I have first to convert recipes using volumetric measurements to weight measurements, then bake several iterations of the recipe until I’m satisfied with the results.

So I will be posting intermediate results as works-in-progress, then (when I’m happy) I’ll post my final results.

You can get 6″ cake pans at the Webstaurant Store.  They also carry some 3″ pans with removable bottoms, which are perfectly usable not only for small cakes but also for small cheesecakes!


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